A Solemnity on a Lenten Friday

Today, March 19, 2010, is the Solemnity of Saint Joseph, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary; it is also a Friday during the season of Lent. According to Canon Law 1251, the obligation to abstain from meat is lifted, therefore it is permissible to eat meat today or voluntarily observe Lenten abstinence on Fridays.

Have a blessed Feast of Saint Joseph!

6 Responses to A Solemnity on a Lenten Friday

  • Are you kidding me?!

    That is great!

    You learn something new every day as a Catholic.

  • Since we voluntarily observe the Friday abstinence throughout the year, the Prices are taking full advantage of this opportunity to celebrate the foster-father of the Redeemer!

  • Since St. Joseph was a good, practicing Jew, I think I’ll be swinging by my favorite Israeli grill today and having the shawarma instead of the falafel.

  • I love St. Joseph. One of my few penances during Lent is fasting daily and my first Lent as a Catholic, I developed a devotion to St. Joseph upon learning that his feast was a Solemnity that a) allowed me to observe all my other penances minus the fasting and b) if it fell on a Friday, permitted me to eat meat. These are sinful reasons sure, but I still love St. Joseph.

  • Mmmm. . .shawarma on the patriarch of the Holy Family’s solemnity. Yummy. Thank you St. Joseph, ora pro nobis. If the politicos get their way this weekend may be the reversal of the Easter Triduum. In Easter Good Friday comes before the Feast of Feasts. This weekend, we get the feast on Friday – who knows what Sunday’s gonna look like.

    Saints preserve us.

    May God have Mercy.

  • Out of town so ate at a restaurant. Was thinking of having a steak knowing that abstinence was lifted due to the solemnity. However wound up eating salmon as it was the better looking choice on the menu. So I think that takes away a little from my sacrifice as the proper response was probably to have the steak.

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