Bart Stupak Challenged From The Left

The latest buzz in the political world is that a pro-choice Democratic woman (to the delight of EMILY’s List most certainly) will challenge pro-life Catholic Democrat Rep. Bart Stupak in the Democratic primary this August. This is most certainly not good news. Typically, a pro-life Democrat can oust a Republican in a general election with less trouble than their pro-choice counterparts. Pro-life Democrats, unfortunately, are particularly vulnerable in Democratic primaries and one can anticipate massive funding from Planned Parenthood, EMILY’s List, NARAL, the national Democratic party, and other “pro-choice” pseudofeminist liberals who will certainly blame Stupak for the fate of health care, even if it passes in a “watered down” fashion. Bart Stupak will obviously need pro-life support and it is unconscionable for the pro-life movement to not support his re-election bid for his continued principled stand against health care reform with abortion funding. If you can make a contribution to his campaign, I strongly recommend it.

4 Responses to Bart Stupak Challenged From The Left

  • I believe in choice: you get to choose up till the moment of sexual intercourse. One you have sexual intercourse, then you’ve made your choice.

    Obviously this pro-choice neo-nazi feminist thinks that she can rut around like a wild animal without consequences. That doesn’t surprise me. Most Democrats are at the baboon level anyways. Bart Stupak is a happy exception.

    I’ll not mince words about these liberals any longer. They need to be called what they are. You can’t convince them. You can’t convert them. And they won’t repent. So the only option left is to defeat, muzzle and emasculate them.

  • Assuming he holds firm regarding the Stupak amendment Eric, I can guarantee you that he will be the recipient of some Republican money for his primary fight.

  • Don is right. And don’t assume there won’t be many Repubs to cross over to the Dem primary if the Mich rules permit. That has happened a couple times in GA in recent years with important consequences. Most importantly, that is exactly how Cynthia McKinney lost her seat — Repubs crossed over and voted for her Dem opponent in the Dem primary.

  • Mike,

    Michigan does have open primaries – you can pull the lever whoever you want. I could see that cross-over happening as long as the Pubs don’t field a highly desirable candidate in whom many want to ensure goes forward.

    I’m not so sure Stupak has a lot to worry about though – at least not from his constituency. He’s from the U.P. and while his district may be soundly Dem, culturally they’re more conservative. His problem will be the lack of support from the party, but if brought to light it may help him more than hurt him.

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