America: More Propositional Than Some Think

At my blog, I take on the argument that America is not a propositional nation. While I essentially agree with the argument that America’s propositional nature is a “half-truth”, the critique I engage ends up presenting it as something considerably less.

Find out what I think America’s central proposition is, and let me know if you agree or disagree :)

3 Responses to America: More Propositional Than Some Think

  • I like your “central American proposition.” I think you’re right, and I think Lincoln and other great American statesmen would agree with you. America is founded on truths about human nature, and this is why the country is great.

    I think the author of the article you are engaging thinks that Straussian is a synonym for mendacious, and I think he is wrong on this point. It would be interesting if he engaged some of Strauss’s ideas, rather than just use his name to invoke cynicism. Strauss is a great political philosopher and while it’s easy to abuse his name and his ideas for cheap points, it’s much harder to engage what he actually says and take issue with it.

    And I think it’s pretty much false that liberals and conservatives seek to obscure history albeit for different reasons. Liberals and conservatives both address history, and they both see different things. This does not mean that both of them really know that America is built on a lie, and it is the cynic and the arrogant person who would claim this is how things really are… or whatever.

  • Thanks Zach.

    The author actually does engage Strauss in another article. I haven’t read it yet, but anyone can by following the hyperlink through the word “Straussian” in his article.

  • I have read several books by the Canadian academic, Shadia Drury on the works of Leo Strauss- she is no johhny-come-lately either, she was publishing stuff long before neo-conservative became a buzz word- if someone wants to read a very detailed critique of Strauss and his disciples- they should at least look into her works because they are the most elaborate that I found when I became intrigued by the neo-conservative influence a few years ago.

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