The Christ the Lord Series

If you have followed Anne Rice’s Christ the Lord series, there is a possibility that it won’t continue.

I have received many inquiries by letter and on Facebook as to when the third Christ the Lord book will appear.  I can tell you now that it will not be published in 2010, and perhaps not in 2011 either.  I hope that the first two books can stand alone as an imaginative and reverent treatment of Our Lord’s private years. The third book will have to address Our Lord’s public life, the territory covered so richly in the Four Gospels.  It presents a whole range of difficulties which I did not face with the earlier two books, and it requires much prayer, meditation, gospel reading and study.  It may turn out that my particular fictional approach is not appropriate for the years of Our Lord’s public ministry.  I must confront the difficulties and the challenges honestly.  I thank you for your support of the first two novels, and for your very encouraging letters.  I hope that before the end of 2010, I will have something to announce with regard to the continuation of the series. Anne Rice (From

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