Organized Religion and Dogma

This rant was inspired by a recent tour of anti-religious com-boxes following various articles on religion. My sincere hope is that some of the people who frequent these com-boxes with their anti-religious hatred can find their way to my blog to see what I think of them.

Merry Christmas!

5 Responses to Organized Religion and Dogma

  • Donald R. McClarey says:

    Great article Joe! I would have more respect for anti-theists if they would generally be more honest. Please do not talk about auto de feys in Sixteenth Century Spain if what really is bugging you is the unyielding opposition of the Church to abortion. Do not make the ludicrous argument that Christ never existed if your true concern is what He said. Do not blast the Church as too powerful and then complain in the next breath that Pius XII did not stop Hitler cold. Additionally, if I may put in a personal request to anti-Catholics, if you are going to attack the Church take the time to become familiar with her doctrines, her history and why I am referring to the Church as “she”. It is poor sport to tangle with anti-Catholics who are doctrinally and historically illiterate!

  • Pat Tyler says:

    Where can I find info on the procedure a priest must follow if he desires to leave his priesthood in order to marry? And did the procedure change following Vatican II?(I’m a novelist writing about a fictional priest in the US in 1965)

  • Don the Kiwi says:

    “I’m spiritual………but I’m not religious”

    That’s similar to what a priest told me many years ago, when he was confronted by a male lapsed catholic who wanted to discuss religion with him – the conversation starter is usually, ” Of course, I know a lot about the Catholic faith – I used to be an altar boy, y’ know.”

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