Global One Child Per Family Policy

Diane Francis, a columnist with the Financial Post, a Canadian newspaper, has a column here calling for a global one child policy.

A planetary law, such as China’s one-child policy, is the only way to reverse the disastrous global birthrate currently, which is one million births every four days.

The world’s other species, vegetation, resources, oceans, arable land, water supplies and atmosphere are being destroyed and pushed out of existence as a result of humanity’s soaring reproduction rate.

Ironically, China, despite its dirty coal plants, is the world’s leader in terms of fashioning policy to combat environmental degradation, thanks to its one-child-only edict.

The intelligence behind this is the following:

-If only one child per female was born as of now, the world’s population would drop from its current 6.5 billion to 5.5 billion by 2050, according to a study done for scientific academy Vienna Institute of Demography.

-By 2075, there would be 3.43 billion humans on the planet. This would have immediate positive effects on the world’s forests, other species, the oceans, atmospheric quality and living standards.

-Doing nothing, by contrast, will result in an unsustainable population of nine billion by 2050.

Although I think this proposal of Ms. Francis is both evil and insane, I do give her props for saying out loud what many environmental hysterics only hint at:  Man is the problem.  Eliminate as many humans as possible and the environment can by saved to be enjoyed by the anointed few like Ms. Francis.

Ms. Francis apparently can view with equanimity the female infanticide, forced abortions, forced sterilizations and gender imbalance that have been the putrid fruits of the one child policy in China.  An Orwellian society where the state determines family size is all right with her.

For those who balk at the notion that governments should control family sizes, just wait until the growing human population turns twice as much pastureland into desert as is now the case, or when the Amazon is gone, the elephants disappear for good and wars erupt over water, scarce resources and spatial needs.

All of this would be funny if  so many elites in Western society didn’t agree with Ms. Francis.  Around the world, especially in industrialized countries, birth rates are declining, some countries being below replacement rate.   As this Palin bashing column by Ms. Francis indicates, Ms. Francis is not the deepest thinker in the world and her views seem to be governed more by a Leftist ideology than facts, but these type of beliefs hold sway among a startling number of those who have powerful positions in Western societies, and what she is writing today may become legislative policy tomorrow, unless pro-life forces remain active and become strong politically.  Ridiculous ideas of one generation, if held by enough of the powerful, have a dismaying habit of becoming laws of the next, unless confronted and defeated in the public arena.