Watch This Video Only If You Have A Strong Stomach

Friday, December 4, AD 2009

Hattip to Creative Minority Report.  Economic times are tough and they are especially tough in Michigan, so the Northland Family Planning Centers of Michigan are touting their contract killing of the unborn in the above video  as “sacred work” , and they assure us that they “believe in the goodness” of their work.  Well, I guess it beats saying that they kill unborn kids for a living for cash on the barrel head.  A nice video to recall when a pro-abort argues that no one is pro-abortion.

Of course, what would an ad for an abortuary be without a quote from the late Tiller the Killer?

Abortion is not a cerebral or reproductive issue. Abortion is a matter of the heart. For until one understands the heart of a woman, nothing else about abortion makes any sense at all. Dr. George Tiller 1941-2009

Who knew?  I always thought that Tiller the Killer, late term abortionist, did it for the money that made him a very rich man.  Instead, he did it because he understood the hearts of women!  (Except, I guess, for the little females he slew.) 

For a rather more accurate view of what the abortion business is all about, here is a video regarding the change of heart of Abby Johnson, a former director of a Planned Parenthood, a/k/a Worse Than Murder, Inc, clinic.

As to the temporary restraining order mentioned in the video, a judge voided it after a hearing, so Abby Johnson is free to speak.  Her testimony is important, and it also reminds us that even the most hardened advocates of abortion may be touched by grace and find themselves as our allies for the unborn.  Pray that the makers of the video at the beginning of this post may experience such a conversion.

3 Responses to Watch This Video Only If You Have A Strong Stomach

  • I kept expecting her head to unzip like that animated cleric in the Monty Python sketch. That is just what she reminded me of, sounds sweet on the outside, demonic on the inside.

  • I guess this is the equivalent of Goldman Sachs “doing God’s work”

    Goldman Sachs’ Blankfein on Banking: ‘Doing God’s Work’

  • I watched the second video about the lady that left Planned Parenthood. How unsurprising that PP immediately ran to the courts to try and silence this woman! That’s Feminists for you: always running to the courst, milking the courts like a cow in order to force their cancer on the rest of the world. “Oh! If the *truth* gets out we’ll end up with ‘irevocable damage’…” Don’t people notice this insanity? Doesn’t it make them go hmmmmmm… why all the secrecy and silence? From telling girls at school, “Don’t tell your parents. Sneak behind their backs…” to using the courts to silence ex-workers… every action taken by Planned Parenthood and Feminists is sleazy and screams out, “WE’RE DOING REALLY BAD THINGS!” Yet no one seems to care or notice!

    However, on the flip side, the Catholic Church is still being hammered and trashed for “hiding pedofile priests”. The Church is watched by hawk-eyed Fems, Libs, and Homosexuals ~ but they themselves run to the courts at the first sign of being observed and exposed for their crimes!