The "Heresy" of Worldly-Contentedness

Saturday, November 14, AD 2009

Lukewarm means death to the spirit, death to the Church, death to Hope. It is often disguised as a worldly contentedness which seems to suffice until tragedy strikes- then you know you should’ve given your all – instead of taking the ones you love for granted, instead of assuming that Christ is ok with lip service comm…itments- if you want it All, you have be ready to give your all. I’ve been down that Half-Assed Christian path, and it is a loser. Who wants a half-assed husband, a half-assed father, a half-assed teacher, a half-assed disciple of Love and Truth???? Well, not my wife, not my children, and not my Lord Jesus Christ- my students don’t seem to care most of the time but that doesn’t mean the seeds I’m planting are a waste of my efforts. Spending your time spreading love and truth is never a waste of time.

7 Responses to The "Heresy" of Worldly-Contentedness

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  • In case anyone is offended by my use of the word “half-assed”- I reference St.Francis who called his body “Brother Ass”- so for me going about life and faith in a “half-assed” manner is like using only a half (or less) of your God-given potential for good.

  • It is so true. Every time I think I’ve improved, I realize how slow, lazy and unholy I am. Lukewarmness sucks. Today’s Gospel reading is a good, swift kick in the half-ass, or even the whole-ass. There may not be a tomorrow. We can’t waste time going through the motions.

    “But of that day or hour, no one knows, neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” Mark 13:32

  • No, I’m not offended by your use of ‘half-assed.’ I’m only offended by my own half-assedness.

  • Fair enough that there’s no more to read. But don’t you think there ought to be??? Not enough is said of lukewarmness.

    And I agree that it sucks.