Vista Users Rejoice!

With the release of Windows 7, we PC users can only hope that Gates & Co got it right this time and that we can kick Vista, the worst computer operating system devised by fallen man, to the gutter.  Here is a good article setting forth some of the more annoying features of Vista, and here is an article which explains why Vista never was accepted by many PC owners.  Windows 7 seems to be getting good reviews from the testers, but we will all be able to find out on our own soon enough.

However, as Blimp TV explains in the video below (Content Advisory:  Some harsh language no doubt induced by Vista Rage.) Microsoft had a method behind their madness in releasing a product as defective on launch as Vista.


 Apparently even Hitler had problems with Vista.  (Content advisory:  the language is very rough, but what else can be expected of Hitler.) (As a sidenote, I enjoy these Hitler parodies on the net.  The late Werner Klemperer, a German Jewish refugee who played Colonel Klink in the Hogan Heroes series, when asked how he could play a Nazi, said that he would go to his grave happy knowing that he caused people to laugh at the Nazis.  Being laughed at throughout history is the worst fate that the ever self-important murderous Austrian corporal could ever have envisaged.  Charlie Chaplin in The Great Dictator had the right idea.)