Carter Tries to Deny He Said Obama Critics Driven By Race

Former President Jimmy Carter was interviewed by CNN’s Candy Crowley who questioned him on why he accused “an Jimmy Carteroverwhelming portion” of tea party protesters and others that oppose current President Obama as racists.  Jimmy Carter responded by denying he ever made such a claim.  Several times Candy Crowley tried to ask President Carter to explain himself and each time President Carter denied he even said any such thing.

Am I hearing this right?  The following video shows the portion of the video where Candy Crowley is interviewing President Carter and then at the end it shows a clip of what President Carter said.  Truly amazing that He would have the audacity to lie on national cable television.

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3546910&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Matthew Balan of NewsBusters has the complete story on this development here.

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  1. Jimmy Carter responded by denying he ever made such a claim.

    File this under the same category as: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”.

  2. This is the same peanut farmer who, after making a deal way back when with the North Koreans regarding their development of nuclear technology, told CNN: “I think it’s all roses now”.

    Yeah, right.

  3. I still can’t get that petulant smile of Madeline Allbright that was showing during her North Korean visit when she was all grins during the Dear Leaders parade for her visit to Pyongyang.

  4. File this under the same category as: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”.

    Well, I see what you mean. But Carter’s statement wasn’t made under oath.

    It is obvious from this that Carter realizes his blunder and is back-tracking from the stupid and wrongheaded remark. You can’t gain points from calling everyone on one side of a policy issue “racists”.

  5. Carter was senile when he was President, and he’s even more senile now. It’s actually sad. This isn’t a case of his being evil. He’s just senile and should be taken care of in a nice rest home where anything he says no longer gets any publicity or credibility.

  6. He wasn’t senile when President. He was book-smart and moral to the point of being Pollyannaish.

    He was so fundamentally ignorant of evil and sneakiness in the world that he was utterly incompetent either to engage in international relations, or to be discerning of the motives of his left-leaning political allies.

    He was, sad to say, as innocent as doves, and as wise as doves.

    So, he did a pretty bad job. But not a uniquely bad job.

    As a former president, his record is also mixed, though generally negative. He does quite well when, through the Carter Center, he does uncomplicated local community “good deeds” — rounding up donations for housing and the like.

    It is when he gets involved with international relations or other politically complicated topics, that he once again exceeds his realm of competence, and elicits groans from those of us who call Georgia home.

    A decent man, in the end…but one who, as described in the Peter Principle, was promoted to (perhaps far past) his threshold of incompetence.

  7. R.C.,

    What a very interesting perspective that you’ve shed on President Carter. That’s probably the best examination of the man of heard yet.

    For the record, his state of mind has been a concern for the past two years. Now I don’t question it.

    I only feel sadness for the man.

  8. Jimmah does not seem to be aware that a thing called “YouTube” exists and the ordinary peasants out there can access it and see for themselves what he originally said. And it can be done with a few key strokes and a couple of mouse clicks.

    This new-fangled Internet thingy is such a pesky inconvienence to old-time pols. They can’t simply deny the idiotic and offensive things they said the day before yesterday, with the help of soliticious reporters who toss them softballs.

  9. True Donna, although it is amusing watching them try. A sympathetic press is only of marginal utility in the days of YouTube and blogs. This is really killing off the “mainstream media”, that is now widely regarded as a mere propaganda organ for the Democrat party. Why read Pravda when the truth is available for free on the internet?

  10. Sorry, but I disagree that Carter is a “decent man”. He’s a bitter hypocrite and a grandstander. He is a petty, mean, and vindictive man who, in contrast to the tradition of former Presidents to avoid criticizing their successors in office, has engaged in unseemly, ungracious, and self-aggrandizing sniping from the sidelines. The final straw was accusing anyone who disagrees with President Obama of being “racist”. So-called “decent men” don’t calumniate with such broad strokes.

    I’ll grant him the good he’s done with Habitat for Humanity, but I’m just no longer willing to sit back and listen whenever Carter is described as a “decent man”.

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