Cinema Classics: The Thin Man Movies

Sunday, September 27, AD 2009

Giving strength to the phase “they’re not making them like that any more” is the classic series of film noir take-offs the Thin Man movies, starring William Powell and Myrna Loy.

The first movie, The Thin Man (1934), was based on a novel by one of the godfathers of noir, Dashiell Hammett, who also worked on the screenplays for the first two movies. However the chemistry of Powell and Loy make the movie of The Thin Man a good deal more fun than the book: classy, witty and all-around a good time.

The movie was such a success it was followed in 1936 by Another Thin Man, and eventually a total of six Thin Man movies were made, ending with the 1947 Song of the Thin Man. To my mind, the three 30s movies are the best, with the feel of the movies changing slightly in the later movies.

3 Responses to Cinema Classics: The Thin Man Movies

  • Yes, excellent movies, though when my wife introduced me to them I wondered if William Powell might have been the Bill W of AA.

  • Count me as another Thin Man fan. I’m just sad there are only six of them.

  • I am again one of the many that loves the Thin Man series. I was the same format would be made to make a new set of films for example the son of the tin man or grandson of the thin man takes over for Nick The one thing I hope would be not shown is someone throwing up on screen. I have never thought that was emtertainment.