Obama Speech: Public Option Now

Obama speech

[Updates at the bottom of this post as of 5:52am CDT on AD 9-9-2009]

News is emanating from the White House that President Obama’s monumental speech will push for the infamous public option.  It is well known that most Republicans will call this a deal breaker but at the same time liberal Democrats will say the opposite that no Health Care bill will get through if it doesn’t contain a public option.

Jonathan Weisman and Janet Adamy have reported in the Wall Street Journal that President Obama will be pushing for the public option.  It is also being reported that there will be penalties imposed to those that are not paying for Health Care, regardless of the reasons.

White House aides acknowledged they expect little Republican support if any.

President Obama truly believes in his cult of personality.  All he needs to do is make a hard sell by using his charismatic talking skills to both chambers of Congress and a national television audience.  This he thinks will convince us all of government run health care.

I guess the Tea Party protests to the town hall protests didn’t make any impact upon the President.  Not even from ardent supporters such as Camille Paglia.  President Obama and his liberal supporters seem to live in a bubble that is immune to what is happening to the average American.

We as Americans will pay a high price for electing the most liberal president in our history.  There may be a growing consensus that the Democratic Party is willing to pay a very high political price to bring us closer their idea of government run health care.

The Democratic Party do have the votes to push a health care bill with the public option, regardless if it is “trigger effect” or another form, it will be pushed through the American people be damned.

We may be witnessing history repeating itself when President Clinton tried to sell the country on health care reform 16 years earlier.  Though the stakes are higher and the consequences greater.

The Democrats and liberals liked telling us that change was coming.

Well if they go through with this unwanted legislation, they will see what true change looks like in 2010 and 2012.

Yes, even the unthinkable may become probable, President Obama losing in 2012.

I personally thought this impossible, but if the speech is anything that has been reported as of this posting, then we can certainly hope for this kind of change.


For the Wall Street Journal article by Jonathan Weisman and Janet Adamy click here.

To read Camille Paglia’s article click here.


Update I: Speculation is running rampant as to what will be contained in President Obama’s speech this evening.  Details are surfacing now that say a trigger effect to the Public Option is hurriedly being done behind closed doors to appease Republicans [try throwing some tort reform legislation and you’ll begin to have real support].  For the story by Kenneth R. Bazinet and Michael McCauliff of the New York Daily News click here.

Update II: The Baltimore Sun is reporting that liberal Republican Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine has been the object of wild speculation as the key to pulling off a hollow bipartisan agreement for Health Care reform.  Her name has come up often in relation to a trigger effect Public Option plan.  For the article click here.