3 Responses to Over the Hills and Far Away

  • Mighty broad-minded for an old Americanist like you to stand up for the boys in Red, Don. 🙂

    I love that song from Sharpe, both in this more folk version and in the wonderfully late 80s electric guitar version.

  • Very cool, Don. By the way, I’m reading the Sharpe series (curring Sharpe’s Honor) and enjoying it immensely. What is your opinion of the BBC series?

  • I really enjoyed the series Mike, except a bizarre episode, Sharpe’s Gold, where Sharpe and his men were fighting against some sort of death cult wearing the armor of Spanish conquistadores.

    Darwin, I’ll excuse my lapse as a tribute to my great Uncle Bill Barry who served in the Royal Army from 1939-45 (Of course he did say that he signed up because “Someone has to show the Limies how to fight!”.)