On Vacation

Sunday, August 9, AD 2009

Family on Vacation

I am on vacation this week with my family.  My internet connection in the coming week will range from intermittent to non-existent.  I will have posts for each day I am away on the blog, but if something momentous occurs, for example:  Elvis is discovered working at a Big Boy’s in Tulsa, the Pope issues a Bull against blogging as a complete waste of time, or there is an alarming outbreak of common sense in the government, I trust that this post will explain why I am not discussing it.

Among other activities we will be attending the Gen Con Convention in Indianapolis, a pilgrimage the McClarey clan makes each year to renew our uber-Geek creds.  If any of you are close to Indianapolis and you have never attended, it is worth a drive to see tens of thousands of role players, board gamers and computer gamers in Congress assembled.  If nothing else you will go home reassured as to how comparatively normal you are.  Last year’s attendance was in excess of 28,000 and there are multitudes of gaming related events.  A good overview of Gen Con is here.  Below is a Gen Con video from 2006 which gives a nice feel of the convention.

I have been threatened with being tossed in the Klingon jail, a fixture at Gen Con, before but it hasn’t happened yet.  As long as I mind my manners at the convention, I will be back on line next Sunday.

klingon jail

9 Responses to On Vacation

  • I am positively emerald with envy about your pilgrimage to Indianapolis. Sigh.

    You might want ear plugs this time, though: the angry howling about D&D 4.0 is going to deafening.

  • So jealous– I still haven’t made it to a con!

    Have fun, and geek on!

  • Well, Dale, the DM rolled the dice, and D&D 4.0 got a 1. Sorry. We will have to wait for 4.5.

  • I read the four of you and I am reminded of the line in the movie Diner ,

    “Do you feel there is a lot of stuff going on that we don’t know about?”

  • When around large groups of geeks, roll vs san loss….

    I still hold that the Pope is a Geek in his own right– the way he lights up when he’s talking about doctrine and God, the piles of writing, the careful thought on things a lot of folks don’t even notice. (Gotta admit, “God” is a great thing to choose as a fandom!)

  • Cassius: Did Cicero say any thing?

    Casca: Ay, he spoke in geek.

    Cassius: To what effect?

    Casca: Nay, an I tell you that; but those that understood him smiled at one another and shook their heads; but, for mine own part, it was geek to me.

  • Henry:

    Yep, that’s basically it. I haven’t actually played a game since 2.0, but I own and liked the 3.0/3.5 basic books a lot. A basically sensible revision that left the spirit of the game intact.

    A good friend still plays regularly and gave 4.0 a big thumbs down. Too much pandering to the tabletop boomlet. 4.5 or bust.

  • Dale

    Last books I bought were 2.0, but I played the computer games based upon the 3rd edition (both 3 and 3.5) and thought the additions were good. Everything I’ve seen with 4.0 is indeed that –tabletop — which is a shame.