Coup as Solution to the National Debt?

From the only reliable source of news on the net, the Onion.  The sad thing is, that this scheme only seems slightly less crazy than many a proposal currently under consideration in Congress.  Such a stratagem as a fake coup to get out of debt reminded my wife of the plot of The Mouse That Roared, the howlingly funny Peter Sellars film from 1959:

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  • I haven’t seen this movie, but I read two of the “Mouse” books when I was in junior high school — “The Mouse that Roared” and “The Mouse on the Moon.” They are pretty darn funny. One big difference between the books and the movie is that in the books, Duchess Gloriana XII is a young, attractive and very eligible royal bachelorette, reminiscent of the young Queen Elizabeth II or Princess Grace of Monaco.

    Their author, Leonard Wibberly (a native of Ireland), was extremely prolific and wrote over 100 books, including some Biblical novels, a series of “Father Bredder” mysteries under the name Leonard Holton, and some youth-oriented novels about auto racing, under the name Patrick O’Connor (his middle names).

  • Elaine, I guess Peter Sellars just couldn’t manage portraying a young, attractive Duchess!

  • So now I’m a Mexican-Octavianite?

  • Even worse for me Tito: Irish-Scottish-Cherokee-Octavianite!

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