Live Polls and Puppet Pundits

Sunday, July 12, AD 2009

From the only reliable source of news on the net, the Onion.  One of the difficulties of being a parodist in rather absurd times is that reality tends not to be that far removed from parody.  Such is the case with this video which might be easily mistaken for a “news” show where pundits are doing their best, or worst, to adjust to new technology.

7 Responses to Live Polls and Puppet Pundits

  • Heh. This video is a strong form of the argument against democracy.

  • “I have several post office boxes.” Ha!

  • One of the diffulties of being a parodist in rather absurd times is that reality tends not to be that far removed from parody.

    True. Parodists in very absurd times can quickly overkill their material. Yet the absurdity also allows the great parodists to shine, as we see here.

  • “.…reality tends to be not that far removed from parody.”

    Many a true word said in jest, Don.

    Here in NZ during our 2002 election campaign during public televised debates, studio audiences were given remotes which acted on a “Worm” on a screen that was visible to all – audience and candidates; the worm acted exactly as shown in this clip.

    A member of Parliament by name Peter Dunne (a Catholic BTW) leader of the United Future Party had the “worm” maxing out on several occasions.
    The election result, United Future got – I think – nine MPs into government in our MMP electoral system. Previous term 2, following term 2, current term 1.

    The worm had such an influence on the outcome of the election that it was banned from any further political debates.

    So did Dunne “worm” his way into parliament?

    The worm has definitely turned. 🙂

  • Our future Don, polls and worms, God save us!

  • This reminds me so much of the crap Fox would pull on Ron Paul during the primary debates. He’d tell the truth…. and man those polling numbers went south. It seemed all everyone wanted to hear was how great America was and how awesome the troops are.