5 Responses to My Take on Caritas in Veritate

  • paul zummo says:

    I’ve read through the encyclical once, and on a Metrobus at that, so I might have to give it another go before making any other kind of substantive comment. But all in all I found it to be – as usual – a remarkable document. The Holy Father writes upon weighty theological issues with an amazing clarity. I somewhat expected, considering the subject matter, a great deal of vagueness and abstraction, but instead the Father applied rather abstract ideas and provided a concrete framework for applying those principles. If anything, it was even more specific than I imagined something of this nature would be.

    So I second your great enthusiasm for the encyclical.

  • jh says:

    Good Post

    First let me point out something crucial. This great document was not just given to Catholics like the other encyclicals. THis document in its title is for the whole world. That is on purpose

    Therefore as Catholics we have a duty not to get into silly fistfights over applications if it can be avoided. In other words fighting over every dotted I or crossed T till the crows come home is not productive unless we share this with our Christian and non catholic brother and sisters and others

    Hopefully we can agree on that. That does not mean the disussion of application should be stopped. Lord no!! That is needed. But this document must get out.

    I hope those on the “right” realize this is our moment. Election cycle after election cycle we are treated as non persons in the Catholic Social Justice debates. I nearly wanted to call it quits after enduring 3 years of that .

    Benedict has given us a real opportunity to demand attention. That means the various factions of the right especially in Catholic cirlces must debate this with a goal of living to this documents spirit. That will be a tough task because despite what the Left thinks “COnservatives” are very divided. The key will be on the Catholic right to get the 6 or 7 factions talking about it.

  • Just a note to say that I want to read your thoughts on it, and post my own, but I’m trying to avoid reading much commentary on the encyclical till I finish reading it. So I’ll be quiet for another day or two.

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