Evangelical Catholicism

After a few years of dormancy, the blog Evangelical Catholicism has been revived and is back in business.

From the “About” section:

[T]he content of this blog will range from the theological and, at times, the academic, to the level of devotion and ministry inside and outside Catholic circles, as well as to socio-political life. We hold that doctrine is hollow without spirituality and prayer that continually seek the face of God. We also hold that faith is dead without the outward expression of ministry to, and solidarity with, the least of Christ’s brethren. We understand the Catholic faith to be the indissoluble union of doctrine, praxis, and spirituality. This is the ideal.

I will be a regular contributor there, so I hope my friends here at American Catholic will come by and see how we are doing. It may come as no small surprise that I write for blogs with seemingly different approaches to our faith because I truly believe that there are great and valuable insights and wisdom to be gained from more than one perspective. Catholics my age that I have the good fortune of meeting through Church groups, social networking sites, and other venues are less comfortable being burdened with an ideological label, and more comfortable discovering what in the different perspectives shaping our world are compatible with Catholicism.

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