Under Obama It's Funemployment Not Unemployment

Tuesday, June 9, AD 2009

Tom Joad

The LA Times, desperately applying as much lipstick as possible on a pig of an economy, wrote an article here about the up side of unemployment under Obama.  The sombre and always serious Iowahawk gives this article the drubbing it screams out for here.

4 Responses to Under Obama It's Funemployment Not Unemployment

  • And I guess your not partisan, right? The economy collapsed last year under the watch of the previous president and under the weight of the Reagan legacy.

  • An Piobaire, the shelf life of blame the other guys is wearing very thin. It is your man who is saddling this country with a debt now that your grandkids will be lucky to pay off:


  • It’s becoming progressively more difficult not to hate my country…

  • An Piobaired,

    I think the first error is in thinking a President has that much to do with the economy. Even if it is a large amount I think one also has to look at the role Democrats, who were in control on Congress for two years prior to the recession, had in this problem. I think the failure of Democrats to reign in problems like Fannie Mae (which McCain and Bush tried to address) is a significant contributor.