Nope, There Are No Limits To What People Will Tolerate On a Pizza

Monday, June 1, AD 2009

From the only reliable source of news on the net, the Onion.  I hate to admit it, but some of the pizzas in the video actually looked pretty good to me.  As Emile said in Ratatouille, “You know, if you can sort of muscle your way past the gag reflex, all kinds of food possibilities open up.”.

13 Responses to Nope, There Are No Limits To What People Will Tolerate On a Pizza

  • Considering how disgusting Dominoe’s is, you have to slather quite a lot on there to make it edible.

  • When I was an undergrad at the University of Illinois where cold pizza from the night before was a food staple, we used to say that the only bad pizza was one crawling away under its own power!

  • I like the idea of wrapping it up and deep-frying it — that might actually be good

  • I’m from New York, so I am a bit of a pizza snob.

  • I’m from Chicago, so I can out-snob Paul.

  • Anyone remember the take that MAD Magazine did on the various uses for Pizza?

    (Maybe I’m outa line here – it was back in the early 60’s – showing my age) 🙂

  • I remember that too Don!

    Pizza has to be pretty bad for me not to eat it. I can only recall one instance and that was a frozen pizza which literally tasted like cardboard. Even then I had a pang when I tossed the remaining pizza into the trash.

    I’d probably even try the Krusty Krab Pizza:

  • I am a pizza purist – mushrooms, sausage and onions are the true and correct pizza toppings, although you can make an argument for pepperoni and I don’t turn up my nose at extra cheese either. Get outta here with your spinach and ham and shrimp and (ugh) pineapple.

  • Don: yes, cold pizza was my undergrad breakfast of choice too. And chili.

    There’s a diner called “Real Chili” near the Marquette campus and they actually sell bumper stickers: “Real Chili: It’s not just for breakfast anymore.”

    A couple of years ago, I was on the MU campus, and went into Real Chili for a bowl. Serious heartburn ensued. Ah, for the cast-iron stomach of youth!

  • Anyone for a mayonnaise sandwich? On seven-grain bread, of course.

  • Sorry, not doing too well ‘muscling past that gag reflex’–and I haven’t even started the video yet.

  • I’m from Detroit, home of Domino’s and Little Caesar’s so I technically can’t outsnob anyone, but I can ditto Mike. Chicago style pizza rules.

  • I like Sauerkraut on pizza, I think that is one of the more unique toppings out there.