Miguel H. Diaz Is A Latino, Yeah!

Miguel H. Diaz has been chosen by President Obama, peace be upon him, as the new ambassador to the Holy See.  The Miguel H. Diazsecular media and Catholic Left has been hailing Mr. Diaz as a Rahner scholar and “pro-life” Democrat.  Jesuit Father James Martin of America magazine, who recently claimed that Obama is not pro-abortion, has praised Mr. Diaz for being a Latino, in addition to being a “faithful” Catholic and for receiving a degree from the University of Notre Dame.

Abbot John Klassen of St. John’s Abbey had this to say about Mr. Diaz’s Latino and theological credentials [emphasis mine]:

“He is a strong proponent of the necessity of the Church to become deeply and broadly multi-cultural [I guess we need priestesses to be more multi-cultural], to recognize and appreciate the role that culture plays in a living faith [sounds too much like a living, breathing constitution]. Born in Havana, Cuba [Being born in Havana, Cuba is a good start in creating his Latino credentials.], he is a leading Hispanic theologian in United States.”

Eric Gorski of the Associated Press added:

Cathleen Kaveny, a Notre Dame law and theology professor who also served on the Obama campaign’s Catholic advisory committee, said it was significant Obama chose a theologian and a representative of one of the fastest growing demographics in the U.S. church, Hispanics.

Further solidifying Miguel H. Diaz’s Latino credentials.

I, Tito, would further add that being a Latino-Heterosexual-Pangean-American myself that Mr. Miguel H. Diaz also has a spanish first and last name, further cementing his Latino credentials among the politically correct crowd.

I cannot vouch for the pro-life credentials of Mr. Diaz but notwithstanding his fine Latino credentials he is also a Rahner scholar. Distinguished Senior Fellow of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, George Weigel explains Jesuit Father Karl Rahner’s philosophy of being the grandfather of liberation theology as well as advocating that the Church’s missionary efforts of conversion be that of dialogue instead.

Seriously though, other than being a Latino and pushing for multi-culturalism, does Mr. Diaz carry any fidelity to the teachings of the Church?

Update I:  It seems Father John Zuhlsdorf shares my concern about the fidelity to the teachings of the Church by Mr. Miguel H. Diaz.  Mr. Diaz  was praised by “The advocacy groups Catholics United and Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good issued statements Wednesday night praising the choice of Diaz.”

Mr. Diaz also refused to release or make any statements on several issues.  Considering the people he associates with and the praise he has been receiving from highly questionable quarters, Mr. Diaz is sounding more and more like a dissident Catholic, though this is only my first impression.  We’ll need more information in order to discern if Mr. Diaz is the real deal or a Catholic In Name Only (CINO).

Update II: Rocco Palmo’s reliable but unnamed sources have said that the Vatican had accepted Diaz’s nomination.