Father Alberto Cutie Leaves The Catholic Church For The Episcopals

Alberto Cutie

Father Alberto Cutié has abruptly left the Catholic Church and has joined the Episcopal church today.  Father Cutié was recently caught in a scandal involving a woman in a two year affair and asked and received an indefinite leave of absence from Archbishop John C. Favalora.  This has come as sudden and unexpected news to the Church.  Archbishop Favalora of Miami has not spoken with Alberto Cutié since his request and has expressed shock at the news.

“I am genuinely disappointed by the announcement made earlier this afternoon by Father Alberto Cutié that he is joining the Episcopal Church,”

Father Alberto Cutié had this to say as his only remarks to his actions [emphasis mine]:

“I’ve seen how many married men serve God. My personal struggle should not interfere with the work of other priests. Today, I have officially joined a new spiritual family [what about his vows and commitments he made to God Himself?]. I ask that everyone respect my privacy. In the last few days, there have been rumors and respectfully, I ask you to stop. That’s enough.”

Father Alberto Cutié’s actions do not come without consequences.  He will no longer be able to celebrate the sacraments and preach or teach on Catholic faith and morals in the Archdiocese of Miami.  Archbishop Favalora further added, “His actions could lead to his dismissal from the clerical state,” and “Father Cutié is still bound by his promise to live a celibate life, which he freely embraced at ordination . . . Only the Holy Father can release him from that obligation”

Further adding to the schismatic scandal, Episcopal Bishop Leo Frade of Southeast Florida triumphantly trumpeted the entrance of Father Cutie into his church.  Thus doing great harm to ecumenical relations between the Catholic Church and the Episcopal ecclesiastical community.

Episcopal Bishop Leo Frade announced smugly [emphasis mine]:

“This is the best place for Father Cutié. We welcome him and his fiancée [sic]. We are the Catholic Church [this “bishop” needs reminding that the Episcopal ecclesiastical community was born and based on adultery]. He has not abandoned the Catholic Church. He has left the Roman church. As a deacon, he can read the sermon, perform mass, but not give holy sacrament [of communion.]”

Archbishop Favalora had this to say on the whole scandalous affair:

“Bishop Frade has never spoken to me about his position on this delicate matter or what actions he was contemplating.  I have only heard from him through the local media,” . . . the event has also caused a “serious setback for ecumenical relations and cooperation” between the Catholic and Episcopal churches . . . the “Archdiocese of Miami has never made a public display when for doctrinal reasons Episcopal priests have joined the Catholic Church and sought ordination.  In fact, to do so would violate the principles of the Catholic Church governing ecumenical relations.  I regret that Bishop Frade has not afforded me or the Catholic community the same courtesy and respect”

Let’s keep Father Alberto Cutié in our prayers.

(Lynne Sladky/AP Photo at top of this post.  Father Alberto Cutie, left, prepares to walk away after reading from a statement during a news conference at the Episcopal Trinity Cathedral Church in Miami today.  At right is his girlfriend Ruhama Canellis.)

Update I: The Curt Jester, Jeff Miller, had some astute words for the selfishness that Mr. Cutie has exhibited under the title “Pelvic Theology Trumps Ecclesiology” [emphasis mine]:

“I was initially saddened to hear this news. Then he added insult to injury by appearing on a morning show making excuses like it was the Church’s fault. That he took this step without even once consulting with his Bishop shows that this guy is just a totally arrogant jerk. A a totally arrogant jerk deeply in need of our prayers since he has separated himself from the Church and I would imagine incurred Latae Sententiae excommunication.

When he appeared on the morning show he had said he had fallen in love. Too bad he has forgotten what love is. Love is willing the good for another. When he broke his promises and committed a gravely disordered sin with her he was not showing love. By endangering her soul as well as his own, this is an objective act of selfishness. When a married man says he “fell in love” with the women he committed adultery with it is the same lie. The same goes for homosexual sex. Any act of sex outside of the the Covenant of marriage is objectively sinful and thus never an act of love. To will the good for another is to will an objective good [Well said].