Jenkins to Pro-Life Students: No dialogue for you!



One of the main defenses of Jenkins in regard to Obama Day on May 17, 2009 at Notre Dame is as follows:  “However misguided some might consider our actions, it is in the spirit of providing a basis for dialogue that we invited President Obama.”

It is therefore richly ironic that Jenkins refuses to meet with pro-life Notre Dame students opposed to the Obama homage:

“ND Response indicates that Father Jenkins has now sent a private letter to the 12 campus groups comprising ND Response in which he denied the students’ requests for dialogue on the issues surrounding the university’s invitation to President Obama.

In the letter Father Jenkins wrote that “conditions for constructive dialogue simply do not exist” and that students could disregard his earlier invitations to meet with him.”

Whatever few shreds of credibility that Jenkins had just went up in flames.

This tragedy is taking on elements of farce.  A president of a premier Catholic university wishes to “dialogue” with a pro-abort President by making him the commencement speaker and giving him an honorary degree, while simultaneously refusing to speak to pro-life students of the same institution

4 Responses to Jenkins to Pro-Life Students: No dialogue for you!

  • I never believed that ‘dialogue’ excuse for a nanosecond anyway.

    I remember hearing a few decades back that one way the pro-aborts used to get politicians to ‘change’ from a pro-life stance to a pro-abort one was to threaten to expose the pro-life politicians past involvement in an abortion…

    Hey when there is no logical explanation given for such an outrageous betrayal, one has to start wondering…

  • “conditions for constructive dialogue do not exist”

    Translation: “I didn’t expect 33+ bishops to uncork on me, and as sure as we have a cheesy leprechaun for a mascot, I don’t want to hear you quoting them. When I want input from the episcopate, I’ll send them talking points.”

  • Is this how the leftists in the Soviet Union did dialogue? The elitist masters speak and the masses listen intently with no dissent allowed?

  • Whenever someone to the left of me utilizes the word “dialogue,” I develop itch in various parts of my torso. So it was triggered on the news that Father Jenkins will not engage in it with pro-life ND students. Dialogue By Their Definition = We Will Lecture You More Forcefully. Not to worry. Father Jenkins has more immediate concerns. His job, more specifically.