I've Seen Worse

From the only reliable source of news on the net, the Onion.  The sad thing is that Franz Kafka doesn’t seem as bad as some other airports that I could name.  As a loyal son of Illinois I stoutly contend that any list of terrible airports that does not have O’Hare near the top is a fraud!

2 Responses to I've Seen Worse

  • O’Hare exists to give us an idea of what Purgatory will be like. The next time I’m tempted to sin, I need to remember “Think of it, Donna, another 10,000 years spent changing planes at O’Hare.”

    LaGuardia is another pit.

  • O’Hare always reminds me of a maze constructed by a psychologist when I was in college who really did not like the white mice who ran through it.

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