I've Seen Worse

Friday, April 3, AD 2009

From the only reliable source of news on the net, the Onion.  The sad thing is that Franz Kafka doesn’t seem as bad as some other airports that I could name.  As a loyal son of Illinois I stoutly contend that any list of terrible airports that does not have O’Hare near the top is a fraud!

2 Responses to I've Seen Worse

  • O’Hare exists to give us an idea of what Purgatory will be like. The next time I’m tempted to sin, I need to remember “Think of it, Donna, another 10,000 years spent changing planes at O’Hare.”

    LaGuardia is another pit.

  • O’Hare always reminds me of a maze constructed by a psychologist when I was in college who really did not like the white mice who ran through it.