Yeah, But When Does He Burn Persepolis?

Archbishop Demetrios, head of the Greek Orthodox Church in the US, fatuously compared President Obama to Alexander the Great on Wednesday.  Hattip to Politico.  Actually, I think he might be on to something:

1.  Like Alexander, I think during Obama’s administration he will fight a war against Persia (Iran), and, as was the case with Alexander, I hope he wins.

2.  Like Alexander, Oliver Stone will make a terrible movie  about Obama.

3.  Like Alexander, Obama is fighting a war in Afghanistan, and, unlike the son of  Philip, I hope he wins.

4.  Like Alexander, Obama has certainly developed a cult following.

5.  Like Alexander who he has criticized, my favorite historian, Victor Davis Hanson, doesn’t think much of Obama either. 

6.  Like Alexander, I suspect Obama will leave chaos to follow in his wake.

7.  Like Alexander, Obama has a fondness for Greek temples.

8.  Like Alexander, Obama had a love-hate relationship with a distant father.

9.  Like Alexander, Obama has been acclaimed a deity in his lifetime. 

10. Like Alexander, Obama really isn’t God.