Congress Kills DC School Choice Program

Wednesday, March 11, AD 2009

Obama’s pledges to reform schools and stand up to teacher’s unions are sounding pretty hollow. Via MOJ:

In the spending bill that President Obama will sign today, the D.C. voucher program will be effectively killed, as Democratic leaders in the House had desired.  A proposed amendment in the Senate to strip this measure from the bill was defeated on a vote of 39-58 (you can check here to see how your Senators voted on school choice for the disadvantaged in Washington, D.C.).  This is not an auspicious beginning for educational reform and opportunity in the new administration.

3 Responses to Congress Kills DC School Choice Program

  • Educational reform- ha ha and ha. Simply bowing to the authority of the public school teachers’ unions. And many of our powerbrokers who send their own youngsters to private schools. While those unfortunate children in DC schools are forced to endure horrific conditions. Hope and Change, y’all. (Iafrate and company strangely quiet on this one. Interesting.)

  • The vindictiveness of this administration is appalling towards the less fortunate and poor. What President Obama is doing is cold calculated politics. He’s caving in to his special interests, power brokers, the elites, and the rich who infest his advisory corps.

  • Choice only applies to killing the unborn.