A New "Fill in Blank"

Something for the weekend:  A New Argentina by the original Broadway cast of Evita Patti Lupone in the title role is the essence of explosive energy.  I have always loved this musical.  It is a superb cautionary tale about what can happen to a nation when an economically illiterate leader is elected on a popular frenzy of adulation.  Peronism has been a plague on the politics of Argentina ever since.  Perhaps too high a price to pay for a nation to provide fodder for a musical.

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  • I love the song “Don’t cry for me, Argentina”.
    I have a sister in law named Tina – to my kids, Aunty Tina.
    So then, how do I paraphrase the song? 🙂

  • Ha! My favorite memory of that song Don is during the Falklands’ War in ’82. A British non-com gives the command to his troops to board the transport taking them to the Falklands: “To the South Atlantic quick march!”, and the band strikes up “Don’t Cry for me Argentina.

  • The flim version was designed as a star vehicle for Madonna. Not sure if this one or remake of Swept Away was the final exercise in moviemaking that swept her cinema career away. Somewhat bummed out. In surfing the net for Oscar stuff, haven’t seen if Madge showed up with Brazilian Boytoy in tow. Seems to be media blackout surrounding her. Guess their telling her get out and stay out and take Boytoy with you. Too bad. More in the mold of old skool divas like Bette Davis and Joan Crawford than the current artistes. Although Kate Winslet can show up at my Oscar after party any old time.

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