The Laughing (Four of Them) Babies

Saturday, February 14, AD 2009

I have this particular video clip of toddling quadruplets laughing their diapers off saved on my YouTube list for quite a long time now.  You may have seen this awhile back on America’s Funniest Videos.  These four quadruplets never fail to put a smile on my face.  So enjoy and get your Saturday off to a great start.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

4 Responses to The Laughing (Four of Them) Babies

  • Thanks, Tito, what a great video! Laughing babies are one of the most delightful sights and sounds on this planet.

    One of my nephews went on laughing jags when he was a baby that lasted so long his mother got worried. He’d not only tear up but put his hands on his tummy, he’d laugh so hard. Now he’s a college freshman – and yes, he’s still quite the joker, he had me laughing like crazy at Christmas dinner.

  • Holding his belly, that is to cute!

  • Donna V.,

    This is only a suggestion, but you should put up a pic for your ID. It would make AC look so much more spiffier! (shameless AC marketing).

  • They remind me of my twin sons when they were babies, multiplied by two! Babies, God’s reminder of the innocence we once possessed in the Garden of Eden.