Pray for the Dubruiel Family

Tuesday, February 3, AD 2009

Updates below ?

I just got this from Dom Bettinelli of and Thomas Peters of the American Papist concerning Amy Welborn (of Charlotte Was Both blog) and her husband who passed away this morning:

Michael collapsed this morning at the gym and was not able to be revived despite the efforts of EMTs and hospital personnel.

We are devastated and beg your prayers.

Please keep Michael, Amy, and their beautiful family in your prayers.

May his soul and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.  Eternal light grant him, O Lord.  And please, Holy Mother of Sorrows, be with Amy and their poor children as they face this tragedy.

(Thank you Mark Shea, you are so good with words when it comes to prayers)


Update #1 (2-4-2009 AD, 4:45pm CST):

A collection to support Amy Welborn and her surviving family has been started up by Danielle Bean.  For the link click here.

(Biretta Tip: Jay Anderson)

Update #2 (2-4-2009 AD, 5:25pm CST)

Fr. John Zuhlsdorf is celebrating a Mass for Michael Dubruiel and his surviving family here.

4 Responses to Pray for the Dubruiel Family

  • May he be now enjoying the Beatific Vision.

  • May he rest with the angels and saints in glory. And may the Spirit of Consolation rest upon dear Amy and the children.

  • I never met him – but I knew him – as a healthy menber of the body to which I belong – the Body of Christ.

    May God bless you Michael, and bring you to Himself. And in Hope of the resurrection in Christ, may we meet in person one day.

    Blessed are they who grieve, for they shall be comforted.

    May God bless Amy and her children.

  • I had the good fortune of meeting Michael Dubruiel and Amy Wellborn when Amy gave a talk on The Da Vinci Code at a local Catholic high school several years ago. Michael and their handsome little son Joseph were manning the book table and Michael gave me some helpful suggestions regarding Catholic literature. His book on the Mass is a treasure. I remember thinking what a lovely family they were.

    My prayers for Amy and their children and for Michael’s eternal soul.