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  • “I pledge to be a servant to (President Barack) Obama…”

    I could write a whole post on the eeriness of a growing cult of worship of our new president. It seems it took the election of President Obama to make these people be “nice to others” and “change” their lives.

    All I needed was our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


  • The excellent Iowahawk has also updated “The Idiossey” to include the vanquishing of Obamacle’s enemies “Crustius” and “Palina, huntress of Wasilla” and the Inauguration:


    The guy is brilliant.

  • Thank you Donna! I hope Iowahawk is cashing in on his writing skill in real life. He truly is one of the wittiest writers I can think of currently, on or off the net.

  • A cross-section:

    …by supporting..our local food bank –Check
    …to be a great mother –Been trying for 20+ years, still at it.
    …to consider myself an American –Since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. I’m first-gen on one side, BTW.
    …to find a service project –Check. Check. Check. Check…
    …to never give anyone the finger while driving –Who do you think I am?
    …to always find the humor in everything –Sat through this, didn’t I?
    …to meet my neighbors…be of service to them –Check. What, they don’t do that in Hollyweird?
    …to reduce my use of plastic –Done it for years, not to mention recycling.
    …to no longer use plastic bags –Had the reusables in service since the late ’80’s.
    …to flush only after… –TMI, Jason.
    …to turn the lights off –Been doing that since about the age of ten.
    …to not use as much gas –Can’t afford the hybrid, but my car gets 30+/gal
    …to be a servant to our president –Are you out of your mind? Who do you think is paying his salary?

    Are we supposed to assume that it is only because their golden boy is in office that these wonders may now be attempted? What have they been doing for the past eight years, polluting the earth and pushing old ladies out of the way?