22 Weeks

Thursday, January 22, AD 2009

I haven’t seen 22 weeks yet, but I’m going to, and I think all pro-lifers should.  It brings home the ugly reality of abortion and the bitter grief and despair that inexorably, in this world or the next, each abortion brings.  Here is a review.  May God forgive us all for this great evil that flourishes in our land and in our world.  Abortion is the ultimate taking of the gracious gift of life, and spitting in the face of He who granted it.   Humanity has the capacity for so much good, and this great evil drags us down lower, much lower, than the innocent beasts.  I pray that I will live to see the day when abortion will be viewed with the same horror that we now view slavery.

4 Responses to 22 Weeks

  • Which I strongly believe will emerge some time in the next 18 to 24 months. One of those totally unseen developments that happen in life. In fact, most traumas in life that way. But will be our non-violent equivalent of 9/11. Besides, the abort industry is yet another set of executives from failing enterprises with hat in hand on Capitol Hill. At one with Citi, GM, big cities, state governments lugging humongous bureaucracies. With more and more Baby Boomer women reaching menopause. We are not Europe. We do not, will not bury our horrid memories of these operations. Watch the women’s magazines on supermarket racks devoted to home, family, health, etc. for the What Have I Done articles. The speed to which La Popessa Oprah The Great, Pontiff of Popular Culture, gives to victims of botched abortions or their kith and kin. Or more distorted interpretations of their horrors by say Maury Povich- fine fella, worked with him here in Philly. But mark my words dear brethren it will come with all deliberate speed. Pretty much how good Pope Paul saw it two generations ago in writing Humanae Vitae. In concert with smart young prelate who 10 years later changed name to Johannes Paulus Two. The Church may or may not get credit for calling out these abominations. Matters little. Only to be ready when Rachel bewails her children.

  • I was privileges to see the premiere of “22 Weeks at the Union Station theater on January 21st, while accompanying a group of 12 homeschooled teenagers to the March for Life. One of our number, Miss Devanie Cooper, is an 19-year-old leader in teh pro-life movement; she received notice from one of her many contacts in the pro-life community that Norma McCorvey (“Jane Roe” of Roe v. Wade fame) was attending a viewing of the film, but wanted to meet briefly with us. As we concluded our meeting, Alejandro Monteverde, the *director* of the film, came by, and convinced us to spend the 28 minutes it would take to screen the film even though we were on the way to the vigil Mass for Life at the National Basilica.

    Staying was the best decision we could have made. It’s a disturbing film; but it’s disturbing in a way that people *ought* to be disturbed. when the theater went dark at the end of the film, I could hear a woman behind me somewhere in the theater quietly sobbing; after the film, Alejandro brought up the actress who played the main character…AND the woman on whose story the film was based! Their witness was incredible!

    Yep, please support this film. Buy a copy to screen at your church. Set up viewings in your community. Alejandro even offered to work with large enough groups to personally attend, if the funds could be raised to get them there. It is WAY past time to get the truth into the light about how our abortion industry mistreats women.

  • Deacon Chip and Gerard,

    Thank you for those excellent comments. You both have persuaded me to go and view this film.

    In Jesus, Mary, & Joseph,


  • the vatican has to be careful about what Mr. Obama is doing. too much government is not good. he already the o.k. to use tax money to be used for family planning and to pass out codoms through out the world.the church could promote more morality and spirituality. everything will fall in place. have faith in God. catherine