Mexico City Policy To Be Overturned

It seems that tomorrow President Obama will overturn the Mexico City Policy and begin to provide American subsidized abortions below the border. This is said to occur tomorrow on the 36th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

Pray for the unborn children who will be massacred by the horror of abortion.

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  • “This is said to occur tomorrow on the 36th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade. ”

    I wonder if other pro-abortion measures will be taken in a ghoulish “celebration” of Roe today? Pro-lifers should not be down-hearted. We will win this struggle eventually no matter how long the fight.

  • Just a speedbump. If the pro-life movement was run by worldly standards, it would have disappeared some time during the Clinton Administration. Or found to have had its money managed by a high-flying broker who went bust during the financial sector collapse. But it moves at its on speed and on its own terms. Or shall I say, His terms. No doubt our brethren emerging from buses, vans and Metro trains to the D.C. Mall this morning are not being greeted as the masses who watched the Obama Coronation two days earlier. Many of them have made the longterm commitment to be there every January 22. As the Eagles sang two decades ago, “who will make the difference/we’ll find out/in the long run….”

    Meanwhile on this blog, I ask for the intercession of my uncle, Rev. Henry E., MSC. A great great priest who served the brethren in Papua New Guinea. Who devoted his priesthood to the reinforcement of the family. But who departed this life ten years ago this date. Still miss him. May he intercede for the brethren in D.C. today.

  • “…this conference must not be viewed by the teeming masses of the world as a universal social charter seeking to impose adultery, abortion…and other such matters on individuals, societies and religions which have their own social ethos.”
    –Benazir Bhutto, Cairo Population conference, 1994

  • Not really news, is it? He is doing what he said he would. Any who voted for him are just getting what they voted for.

  • I’ll update this again later, but it appears that President Obama may in fact not overturn the Mexico City Policy.

  • Obama bides time on abortion measure Politico claims:

    [H]e’s planning to do it Friday – and aides suggest he’s choosing a different kind of symbolism, to show that he’s not always going to do the usual Washington thing, even though his staunch supporters in the abortion rights community were pressing him to do it quickly.

    According to the Wall Street Post, Obama postponed the order out of sensitivity:

    By holding off on the policy change, the president hoped to divorce the question of family-planning funding from the frenzied and highly charged emotions surrounding the Roe anniversary, according to two people familiar with his thinking.
    That’s a respectful move, said the Rev. Joel Hunter, pastor of Northland Church, outside Orlando, Fla., an abortion opponent who has tried to expand the evangelical agenda.
    “I really do appreciate their sensitivity to this day and this issue,” he said. “To do it [the policy change] on a day that pro-life people see as a day of grief, and a day of a really hurtful decision, would be, I think, very insensitive. And that’s not who I think President Obama is or would mean to be.”

    What a stand-up guy.

  • What sickens me the most is those who claim Obama is not “pro-abortion” but “pro-choice”. The Mexico policy is not anti-choice, it’s anti-funding for abortion. I am not opposed to legal smoking, drinking, gambling, or carousing… I am pro-choice on these matters…. If I propose to pay for people to do these things I am IN FAVOR OF THEM.

    God Bless,


  • Matt,

    I am “pro-choice” as well. By the moment of conception, one has inevitably made a choice to perform an action with natural inbuilt consequences that one presumes they understood and are willing to accept. After there is new life, there is no choice, but an obligation.

    The discrepancy of “choice” and coercive support of abortion policies really irritates me as well.

  • Christopher,

    Thanks for the insight. I’m glad we have such an upstanding guy as our president.

    There’s this site:

    On the side of the screen, it asks the question is Obama “pro-life?” and the answer is “Yes.” What a laugh I got out of this. It was morbid, sad…but a laugh.

  • Eric,

    fundamentally I agree with you, the common term “pro-choice” is a misnomer. Forcing us to fund something departs from wanting it to remain a legal option, to a far more radical position.

  • Thanks for Sharing the Information, and keep Working like that!

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