Tito Edwards

Living a Catholic Life


  1. CMinor,

    I agree. I even heard that many Protestants/Evangelicals took the previous video and re-edited (cutting out the Catholic elements) for their election efforts; it was that good.

  2. Mark,

    You’re welcome. A couple of other AC bloggers had the same intention (I just beat them to the punch). So it would have eventually been posted by someone else on this website sooner or later.

  3. Perhaps President Obama has not gotten around to viewing this video:

    No time wasted declaring support for abortion in new administration – White House Website Updated

    Hat tip to Fr. Z and his sharper readers.

    I think to wisdom, we ought to add some other virtues in our prayers for the new president.


  4. J.D.,

    I like the last line of the YouTube video you shared, “I belive in God, not the Government”.

    You have a very creative side to your video. I hope it reaches the teen and 20something crowd.

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