Voluntary Human Extinction

Tuesday, January 13, AD 2009



When I first came across this group, I thought it was a joke.  Well it is, but they are serious.  The humorous side of me wants to say, “Great!  I am very happy that people with your views will not be having kids!”  The more serious side of me thinks it a calamity that any group of people can seriously call for the extinction of humanity.  Needless to say, although I will say it anyway, this group supports abortion.

This ties in with a particularly foolish blog entry by a woman who believes the path to social progress is to end human reproduction.

Pope John Paul II was fond of speaking of “a culture of life”.  If we don’t have a culture of life in this century I think we will most certainly have a culture of death that will dwarf the body count of the last century.  Silly groups like Voluntary Human Extinction and the deluded blogger are merely ludicrous manifestations of a culture that increasingly views human life not as a sacred gift from God, but rather a disposable commodity.  As Catholics we face no greater challenge than rekindling in our society a respect for innocent human life, and an optimism that life, with all of its challenges and pain, is to be embraced with joy.

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  • At least they’re honest about it. Not buried in p.r. jive like the thugs at Planned Parenthood or spouting the jive about empowerment at NOW. They just hate people. Pretty much the final collective bundle of similar groups- PETA, Greenpeace, other organizations populated by folks with deep- seated issues. Probably hate themselves. Would be fun to see one in a debate with Pope JP Superstar. Nope. Would be like Alex Rodriguez at bat, facing a little league pitcher. Maybe they could arrange an audience with Benedict XVI. Then would be like Ryan Howard to a little leaguer. In the meantime keep an eye on these woowoos. Bad ideas can fly around like computer viruses these days.

  • Well, I don’t know about honest. The woman holding the sign is telling you to kill YOURSELF. She obviously hasn’t killed herself….

  • Well, the messenger needs to persist until everyone else has killed himself, or some might stubbornly insist on self-preservation after the annoying prophet has gone.

    But this just lends credit to what many have said. Once you throw out any notion of God, and man a creation of God, and the dignity of man, you can embrace any stupidity around, especially the materialistic view that somehow the earth should be freeze-framed so that temperatures and climates never vary, and animals never go extinct, and urban sprawl doesn’t mar the beautiful landscaping, and forest fires never ruin the beautiful trees….

    It may sound a little arrogant to say, but the earth was made for man to inhabit it. The earth, like man, has no inherent right to exist in and of itself, and someday–assuming God permits things to progress this far, the world will be a charred cinder before a rapidly expanding sun. Granted, we should be good stewards of the earth, but that doesn’t mean we should view ourselves as such a blight on the planet that we should destroy ourselves.

    But then, the message of the evil human spread across the globe has be pounded quite often, in the media and in our entertainment. I’m thinking specifically of the Matrix when Elrond–I mean, Agent Smith describes humanity to Morpheus as a virus infecting the world. Granted, it was a “bad guy” making the monologue, but the message is still clear.

  • Ryan: PETA has now launched an ad campaign directing us all to think of fish as “kittens of the sea,” which is supposed to make them less appetizing, I suppose. More than a few bloggers have had a great deal of fun mocking PETA (one poster at Tim Blair’s noted that his land kitten enjoys eating sea kittens and thus is guilty of cannibalism; another expressed concern for the day when his sea kittens share a plate with hush puppies), but although these groups are easily ridiculed your point remains:

    Once you throw out any notion of God, and man a creation of God, and the dignity of man, you can embrace any stupidity around,

    PETA and the human extinctionists are jokes now, but for how long? Groups and ideas which would have been laughed off the planet 50 years ago (or met with a shocked silence) are mainstream now.

  • Humanity is (has always been) seventy to a hundred years away from extinction. Why do these morons want to hurry the process? The least they could do is lead the way if they’re THAT adamant about it. We’ll follow, of course (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge…)

    BTW, if we make the change from fish to “Sea Kittens”, I can modify my “cats are cheaper than dog food” schtik to “Sea Kittens are cheaper than catfood”.

  • Yeah, I read about the movement to call fish “sea kittens”. Perhaps it is cliche to wax Shakespearean, but the line “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” always comes to mind. Call fish what you will, it is still an aquatic animal that people love to catch, deep fat fry, and serve up with chips. Personally, I dislike fish, but I might be tempted to try this new feline of the sea. It could be reclassified as a delicacy and served at the really posh restaurants. “Here is your Indian Ocean tabby with garlic, sah!”

  • All right, everybody, sing together:

    “Ask any mermaid you happen to see:
    What’s the best tuna? Kitten of the Sea!”

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  • “Ask any mermaid you happen to see:
    What’s the best tuna? Kitten of the Sea!”

    Message to self, do not drink soda while reading something this humorous!

  • Oops–
    I hope your keyboard didn’t fare too badly!
    Thanx for the compliment, anyway.