Avery Cardinal Dulles, R.I.P.

“I was irresistibly prompted to go out into the open air … The slush of melting snow formed a deep mud along the banks of the River Charles, which I followed down toward Boston … As I wandered aimlessly, something impelled me to look contemplatively at a young tree. On its frail, supple branches were young buds … While my eye rested on them, the thought came to me suddenly, with all the strength and novelty of a revelation, that these little buds in their innocence and meekness followed a rule, a law of which I as yet knew nothing … That night, for the first time in years, I prayed.”

One of the foremost defenders of Catholicism went to eternity today:  Avery Cardinal Dulles.  A truly remarkable man, I will explore his work in future posts.  For now I will merely pray that he is even now enjoying the Beatific Vision.  Christopher Blosser, one of the contributors to this blog, has a great resource for all things Dulles here.