Latest Final Frontier

Sunday, November 16, AD 2008

The trailer to the Star Trek movie being released next year.  Probably this trailer is not authorized so doubtless it will be pulled soon from YouTube.  (Yes, I am a big enough Trek geek to be looking forward to the movie!)

[Updated 11-19-2008 AD by Tito, found the high quality non-bootleg version I think]

9 Responses to Latest Final Frontier

  • Looks good. Not very “Star Trekish” at all. Great new feel to it. I hope they also got rid of the “one-world” drivel they’ve been pushing these past few years.

  • I haven’t seen a Star Trek movie since Generations… (I stopped watching the franchise when DS9 wound up — by which time I’d become a Babylon 5 fan and given up on Star Trek stuff.)

    Still, I might take a shot at this one in the theater. It seems like to a great extent this will be their freshest start since Wrath of Khan, which remains by far the best Trek movie to my mind.

  • Wrath of Khan was there best of all of them agreed. I lost interest after Generations as well. Just to unrealistic, methodolgy-wise, ie, liberal utopia, no money, persuit based on philosophy balderdash.

    The pre-quel series was actually pretty good but short-lived.

    I’m actually a big Battle Star Galactica fan. Extremely well written supported by exceptional special effects, but the story line and writing is what has me hooked.

    On a different level, I got hooked on Stargate: Atlantis. Can’t put my finger on it, but it’s addicting.

    Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back are my favorites of the SW series, but ever since Return of the Jedi, ewoks went over the line in blatant marketing/materialism, the series is a sham.

  • Star Trek First Contact was quite good. Enterprise, the latest series, I didn’t see until it came out on DVD and I was quite surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I loved both Stargate Atlantis and the original Stargate. I am a sucker for science fiction which is optimistic, and has a good blend of action and humor.

  • The ship at 30-ish seconds looks like Serenity from Firefly. *geekgasm*

  • I’m kind of mixed about this one. If they were going to re-tool the series, I had hoped they would do something really new, not go back and start tinkering with the Classic series. I can’t imagine the new Kirk et al will look good compared to the original, but I’ll try to keep an open mind.

    I still wish they had gone off in a new direction, something along the lines of Star Trek: Klingon! Now I’d gladly fork out the cash for that.

  • Should be fun, but the really hardcore fans are going to hate it.

    The series really needed a ‘reboot’. It had gotten rather stale and formulaic.

  • Well, I found more information. I’m not sure if any of this is correct, but I was able to ID some of the characters. The villain is Nero a Romulan played by Eric Bana, John Cho of American Pie fame is Sulu, the original Spock is the dad of the new Spock, Winona Ryder is Spock’s mom. And the rest of the cast are newbies (to me anyways).