5 Responses to Catholics And Pro-Abortion Candidates

  • Eric Brown says:

    Indeed. One of the most baffling things I’ve ever read — Catholics United asking the Supreme Knight Carl Anderson to refrain from scolding Biden on abortion because he is doing a “disservice to the unborn” in being divisive and distracting Catholics from “the real issues.”

    I sometimes wonder if they care about the unborn at all…

  • Tito Edwards says:

    We were having this discussion at our Breakfast Club meeting after Mass on Sunday and many of the ‘elders’ in the group were lamenting the fact that so many people aren’t as educated as they were back in the 40′s or 50′s. Thusly if they were, many would clearly see what Senator Obama stands for and would demand a more in-depth investigation of this 48 year old junior senator.

  • Eric Brown says:

    Often enough, the vice versa is true. Pro-life Catholics for Obama make the case of how Republicans do nothing on abortion, so we need to vote for the Democrats. The case is made against the other side, which is how you make the case for your side…

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