The Continuing War on Joe the Plumber

Friday, October 31, AD 2008

Helen Jones-Kelley, pictured above, supports Senator Obama for President.

She has given the maximum contribution legally allowed to the Obama campaign.  She is also the director of the State of Ohio’s Job and  Family Services Division.  After Joe the Plumber was mentioned in the third Presidential debate she had her department’s computers run checks on Joe Wurzelbacher to discover if he owed back due child support, taxes or received welfare payments.

A Toledo police department clerk has been charged with conducting an illegal search of a state database to try to uncover information on Joe Wurzelbacher.

It is perhaps superfluous of me to state that it is contemptible for a public official or employee to misuse their position of public trust to spy on a private individual for political ends.  Such a conclusion should be self-evident.   Is this what private individuals may expect if they have the audacity to ask inconvenient questions of Senator Obama if he is elected President?

Update: The plot thickens.

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