Christopher Blosser

Band of Bearded Brothers with Joe.


  1. Thanks for mentioning these books.

    A rather unrelated question – do you know of any good early Church history books?

    I was looking to get the one by Eusebius but I couldn’t find a translation I could trust.

  2. Zach,

    Well, question one is if you’re looking for a history written during the early Church, in which case Eusebius is probably your man, or a modern history of the early Church — which might be more accurate in some historical respects.

    If you’re looking for a modern history of the early Church, I don’t have any recommendations for you — not saying there’s nothing out there, but it’s not my field and I haven’t run across one.

    If you’re pretty sure you want to read Eusebius, I’d recommend Kirsopp Lake’s translation in the Loeb Classical Library. The downside is: it’s a bit pricey as the Loebs generally are. (Two volumes at $20 each. Though any decent college library should have it for you.) However, it’s a solid scholarly translation with Greek and English facing pages.

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